Sunday, September 26, 2004

Bad Weekend at Black Rock
It was a bad weekend. I took off Friday, and was supposed to have my daughter with me Friday evening and Saturday for Yom Kippur. I've only got two more of these with her after this year.

At 4:00 PM the kid calls and says she doesn't want to come over. A call to her mom at the time got the response that "I won't force her to spend the time with you". There is a legal remedy for this. It is filing a Motion to Show Cause Why (the mom) Should Not Be Found in Contempt of Court. These are useless, flabby motions. They are seldom followed through by the Court. Even when they are there never are any real penalties on the mother. But that is the only legal avenue open.

Check out the archive postings. You can see how the mom has been encouraged in spurring this behavior in my kid by her congregation and the very school to which I send big $$$.


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