Tuesday, August 03, 2004

More blogging now, brought to you by a busted Vapor Pressure Valve and new "improved" (untested) dial-in procedures at work. Merely speed bumps in the road of life.

So I call in and get voice mail every hour. As per usual, the Project Manager did not understand my explicit message to him last Friday that Wrecking Production is bad. And wrong. Of course, as project load monkeys it is our holy mission in life to load all tables with whatever reject scripts any project development team has at hand at any time at top priority! This brings up the question:

Would Dogs Be Good Project Managers?
On the pro side, dogs seem to be single minded. They could hump your leg to try to get their load requests done faster if logic and data scrubbing and project planning don't work. On the other hand, cats are more devious.

Anyhow, due to mechanical failure and madatory sales (sales?) training I'm incommunicado now. At least from the work point of view.

Voted today on a school levy. I took my daughter with me. Another painfull reminder that I don't have to ask anyone's permission or advice to cast a free vote. This includes advice from the people who insulted me during her big event this summer. I think she gets the message and I do not plan to hammer it home. But I will not hesitate to bring it up when necessary.


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