Saturday, August 07, 2004

Jazz After Hours Posting
Most of the week has been involved with chasing after financial affairs for my mom, who will be 89 in a month. She's on a waiting list for a nursing facility and I have to keep the $ available for it. My sister will be moving out of town in a week, so it's up to me entirely now.

DaughterSQL will be going away on vacation with her mom for two weeks. I'll miss her a lot. My daughter, not her mom. Work has been going pretty well, busy enough but without crisis. The manager of Database Support quit and nobody in the company applied for the job. They haven't had any candidates apply from the outside either. Same is true for another support DBA job in secondary technology. I've heard the market is getting better, and this may be an indication of it. Hey guys, I thought there was supposed to be an ulimited supply of cheap techies somewhere offshore. The pendulum swings both ways, baby.


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