Friday, August 13, 2004

I removed my last posting because it was too damn depressing. A couple of weeks ago my dentist saw marks on my tongue that she wanted evaluated by an oral surgeon. It turns out that i grind my teeth at night (big surprise) and sometimes chew on the tongue. When I wrote that I needed a biopsy, Google pulled in all kinds of depressing references.

The oral surgeon saw that the marks were gone and there was no biopsy. This was really depressing, especially since I have a lot of end of life issues I have to pursue for my mom.

Worst of all was that during my daughter's Bat Mitzvah many members of the ex's congregation were very insulting to me. I agreed to have it at the ex's congregation because she would never let my daughter have it at mine. One bitch waltzed up to me at my daughter's party and asked which congregation I attended. That was the third time I've told her. Another member asked one of my best friends immediately after the ceremony if I was a good dad. If that bitch has any doubts then she can damn well call the prosecutor. And two entirely unrelated members waltzed up to the podium when the Rabbi called on distant family members. And I attended a cohort group meeting at my daughter's request, out of courtesy to her. I heard many members hold forth with stupid and ignorant opinions. Worst of all was "47 year old I hate my parents because they had money" man. This asshole plunked down good money for his kid's Bat Mitzvah, then read through work papers during the whole meeting. His only comment was that he blamed his parents for not providing a diverse enough environment when he was growing up. Of course, now that he is an alleged adult he can live any damn place he chooses.

This arrogance and level of insult during my daughter's big day is hard to take. It goes hand in glove with similar treatment and "forgetting" to notify me of events by her school. But worst of all was the fear, when I was supposed to have the biopsy, that if I died this would be all my daughter remembers of me.


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