Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th of July!
We've just had our afternoon gully washer. So much for picnics. I got a letter from my daughter at camp and she's having a great time. One of the activities is dodgeball, a great sport! Play for keeps, kid.

Yesterday I got my hands on MySQL. My friend downloaded the "free" edition which didn't set up well. When he tried to connect with the engine the client produced a vague "did not connect" error. And he didn't have an error manaual and they didn't provide online help. So much for freeware.

The ex didn't nuke me after I notified her that private school tuition court forced contributions end soon, so I expect that some damn attorney will try to extend it. And I'm sure they'll use the "fer the cirdlen" bullshit we heard so much during the Clinton adminstration.


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