Saturday, July 10, 2004

The cameras have been deployed to camp, courtesy of the United States Postal Service, with all the speed and dispatch of the United States Postal Service. My daughter has a crush on some boy from Evanston. Dammit, I knew if I sent her to camp there would be more damn hippies!

My fine local City Council has decided to take a heroic stand against spraying to kill mosquitoes that carry the West Nile Virus. Would they approve of spraying only those not carrying the virus? More hippie bullshit. One can only hope that this does not betray a fondness for other vermin, such as rats or terrorists, on the part of that body.

Management, who for the most part is pretty good right now, except that they want us to go to one of these Zag Ziglar seminars to get juiced up to go and do something to someone or something. Attendance on my part would be dishonest. I would love to see Rudy Giuliani, Jessica Lynch, Jim Tressel, and Ozzie Newsome. And I don't see how any of them would improve the way I recover tables or optimize queries one bit. I'd rather get a commendation like this one Acidman authored.


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