Sunday, April 04, 2004

Dang it, Dale!
I score as Hank Hill in both Quizilla "Which King of the Hill Character Are You?" quizzes. But the cheesy website produced cut and paste HTML that doesn't produce the image. Are they offshored?

My daughter replied with choosing an inappropriate character from KOTH. This has been a sub-optimal weekend with her. Hell, 9 years of alienation talk coming from friends of the ex take a toll. We have a good enough relationship. But it's always damaged by friends of the ex at her school, in her congregation tossing poop on me. When the time comes to belly up to the bar on college, cars, vacations, helping her get over problems, where will these bastards be?

We'll be going to Chicago the week after next. I retrieved a good part of the missing history of Rock and Roll for under $10. I got Eagles, Cyndi Lauper, Steve Miller Band, and other fine tapes. It's cheap, but it really fills a gap in my music library. And it helps pass the time while rolling through the Midwest.


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