Friday, March 12, 2004

I have to rip on the practice of "poundage" for collecting child support. This is the government practice of charging a fee for collecting the support. This is money for nothing. It's not "fer the chirdlen". It's free money for booze and drugs for corrupt officials. I complained about this to my State Representative, a Harvard grad. It took Harvardboy two years to respond to me with the lame excuse "it's the law, it's just the way it is". He got paid to evaluate crappy laws like poundage.

I note with glee that Harvardboy lost the Democratic primary for Congressman recently. He got badly trounced by a bimbo. Good. It must be extremely humiliating to be beaten by an "inferior". I recommend that he goes into private practice and continue his habit of two year response to those he supposedly serves.


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