Saturday, March 27, 2004

Easy Week/Angry Ex
This has been another good week, the kid is doing well and the ex is ever angry. She's got a lot of third party cheerleaders, including a private school to which I send money that drags it's feet on sending me information about my daughter. Sending me that information is a legal obligation. Many have felt that I should be sending the ex even more dollars than are extorted from me by the state. Few have been able to put that into words. To those third party cheerleaders, I sincerely say screw you! I've been split from the ex nearly eight years. The divorce decree states we are to live separately, with no interference. Those third party cheerleaders need to be tried for contempt of court, then hung.

These buttinskys spare no effort to denigrate me in front of my daughter. The "fer the chirdlen" professionals (I use the term professional loosely here) can't offer any insights into combatting this. Basically, the only way to combat this is to be honest with the kid about these people. I don't speak ill of my ex to my daughter. But it's open season on any and all others that attack me in front of my daughter.

Music Music Music!
The rock collection of CD's remains at two: Roy Orbison and Credence Clearwater Revival. FYI, for those of you with questions, no normal guy really liked folk music in the 1960's. This was just a way of getting close enough to hippie chicks to have a chance. The end of the 60's means never having to look interested in any folk music while bored out of your mind.



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