Saturday, March 20, 2004

A busy end of week. Met with the ex on Wednesday PM and worked out some details for the kid's party coming up this summer. Also expressed my thoughts about Jr. High School and got more than I wanted in return. It turns out she's been hiding the fact that I kick in big $$$ to the school in terms of tuition, under spousal support, which means under threat of imprisonment. So the school thinks I'm scum. How wonderful. Also, a renewed threat to homeschool the kid after Jr. High. Not acceptable.

Thursday night got with the girl friend. Nice.

I met with teachers Friday PM and went over the Jr. High math curriculum. It turns out they will be competitive without the local public school How nice. Then we went to a '60's retro party and it didn't happen. Later we ingested massive amounts of fried onions and pizza. Urrrp!


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